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Instructor's Tip
So you've logged 30 to 40, maybe 50 to 100 dives...and your starting to feel really comfortable with your diving abilities. Well you should be! But this is when we start to get complacent with the basics! Many diving problems occur when we forget to follow the basic skills we learned in open water class! Simple things like following a dive plan, performing a thorough buddy check, diving within our limitations, and keeping current on our dive skills, will make the difference when things don't go as planned.  A dive plan does not need to be complex. Dive buddies should at  minimum discuss the objective of the dive, diver comfort levels, time and depth limits, and when to turn the dive! Not to mention a brief review of hand signals and appropriate emergency procedures.  The first dive skill that is often neglected when we get more comfortable underwater, is the buddy check...assuming you have a buddy! The simplest errors, that could have been detected during a simple buddy check, often turn into more serious problems when things don't go as planned. Diving without a buddy should never be done without specific training in solo diving. Diving within our limitations can often be subjective, and can only be assessed based on additional training courses taken beyond the open water level, and an honest personal appraisal of our dive experience. Even though you may dive frequently, when was the last time you practiced an Alternate Air Source Ascent,  a CESA or No Mask Breathing? Keeping current on emergency procedures can make the difference between a minor problem handled well, or a serious diver injury. The Scuba Review program and one of many Con-Ed Courses offered at the Aquatic Center are great ways to keep your dive skills current. As the 2015 dive season gets started, think about what you need to do to get ready! How about servicing your gear for your next trip or the start of the new dive season?
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