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Service Department

If we can't fix it - it's REALLY old!

The Aquatic Center has a state of the art service and repair department. We maintain the latest technology of testing equipment so that we can offer our clients top notch service work.

Our technicians are continually attending training sessions offered by the manufacturers to keep them current with all the latest changes in diving technology.

Aquatic Center Repair Center

Our repair department is certified to work on almost all recreational and commercial brands of diving equipment!

Scubapro, Aqualung, US Divers, SeaQuest, Dacor, Viking, Poseidon, Atomic, Tusa, Sherwood, Mares, DUI, O.S. Systems and many more...

We not only service all major brands of diving regulators, but we also repair wetsuits, drysuits, buoyancy compensators, inflators. Actually, almost anything that needs attention, we can work on. Our service techs are PSI trained cylinder inspectors. We can promptly perform your cylinder inspection. We are fully trained in Nitrox cleaning techniques for both cylinders and regulators. We provide air fills for SCUBA cylinders, SCOTT packs, and paint ball guns. We are certified Enriched Air blenders and can satisfy all your Nitrox air fill needs.

Our service is prompt and courteous. Our turnaround time is usually less than 10 days. However, you must let us know of any special timetables you may have, as we can surely accommodate you.

Just remember, if the Aquatic Center can't fix it, you might as well throw it away.

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